And there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all  1 Corinthians 12:6
First Baptist Church in Newfield
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Pastor David O. Dillon

... is married to Deborah, they have three daughters, one son, and two grandsons. Pastor Dillon surrendered his life to our Lord when he was 18. Pastor and Deborah graduated from Pillsbury Baptist Bible College, where Pastor earned his B.A. Degree. He earned his M.Min. Degree from Baptist Bible College, in Clarks Summit, PA. Pastor Dillon was blessed by God to grow up in a musical family. His dad and mom were church musicians (among many other things) and Pastor Dillon has continued in that tradition.  Most of all, he loves the Word of God.    

Mrs. Dorothy Preston (Dottie). Office Manager. Girl Friday.

Mrs. Preston has the privilege to be the longest attending member of First Baptist Church having attended with her parents while ‘in utero”. She has continued that habit “into-grandma-hood” with brief stints for Moody Bible Institute and ministry with her husband at Camp Hulawasa. Knowing personally the meaning of “disability” (childhood polio that severely impacted her right arm), through the grace of God she managed to: learn and play bass drum in high school, learn and play the Hawaiian guitar (which she still does), type voraciously, dream righteously, compliment and complete her husband, Bill Preston (Chairman of the Deacons) wonderfully, raise two children to adulthood graciously (thought the question arose whether they would make it uninjured), and serve the LORD gloriously.  Did I leave anything out? Did I tell you she was born again by the Word of God? This woman did not let her circumstances govern her faithfulness.  
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