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First Baptist Church in Newfield
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Remembering those who have gone before.

A church is experiencing one of two things, either construction or de- construction. Here, after 143 years, we are still experiencing construction. Sort of like those cathedrals of Europe, where it takes decades and even centuries to finish the structure, so Christ said he would build His church, and He is still building First Baptist Church in Newfield. On this page you will find some brief historical facts about the church. If you are interested in more, come and visit. A Brief History of the First Baptist Church in Newfield, New Jersey In 1860 the Pennsylvania, Reading, and Seashore Railroad extending from Camden to Millville, branched off to connect with the seashore resorts. In 1863 this point was called Newfield by way of identification.  By 1866 eight houses formed a little town. First the public school house was completed and used as a place of worship by lovers of Jesus of every denomination. A distinctive Baptist service was held once every four weeks conducted by Rev. Isaac Leonard. For five years that arrangement continued, all parties uniting in the public worship of God every Lord's Day. As the community grew, it became evident that an organized Baptist  church was essential for fellowship and service to further the Lord's work.  Consequently, Baptist friends assembled at the house of W. E. Morgan on May 11, 1872, and formed the First Baptist Church of Newfield. After a short time, it became evident that a church building was needed to increase membership.  Mr. George Walker, station master, offered to give a lot on the Northwest Boulevard to any Evangelical Society who would be the first to build a house for the Lord.  So the congregation worked together to build a church.  Dedication Sunday for the new church was held on May 14, 1874. The little church grew steadily under various pastorates. Due to the noise of the trains, the church was moved during the pastorate of Rev. John Evans (1895-1896).   After the move to the present location at the corner of Rosemont and Catawba Avenues, improvements were made to the building, with the addition of a Sunday School room, belfry, and heater. During the ministry of Rev. Edward E. Washburn, beginning in 1926, the new church structure was built.  A Gothic-style building, using local Jersey sandstone, was planned. The former church building was disposed of and the congregation met in the Edgarton school house while waiting for the church to be completed. On October 16, 1927, the cornerstone was laid.  Dedication Sunday was May 13, 1928, coinciding with the 56"' anniversary of the congregation.  Through the years, First Baptist Church has stood firm on the Word of God and pledged never to deviate from fundamental principles which are found in God's Word. In 1964, a large two-story educational building was added. This new addition to the church added a Pastor's study, library, fellowship hall and many Sunday School classrooms. Our church has sponsored and continues  to  be active in supporting many missionaries both in the United States and overseas. First Baptist Church is more than  buildings; it is people living a covenant relationship with the Lord determined to exalt Christ and evangelize others both at home and abroad. We invite you to become a part of this vital ministry which has been a part of Newfield's History for over 140 years.
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